Natural Health

I’m fortunate to have grown up in a household which embraced both natural (“alternative”) medicine as well as convention medicine. Vibrational / energy healing has long been an area of interest to me, and I devoured the many books my father had collected on topics from colour therapy through to homoeopathy and enjoyed sitting in on workshops held at home.

After ending up in a career in IT by default rather than it being an area I particularly wanted to work in, an experience with using Sound Therapy to completely cure tinnitus I’d had for 12 years led me to start considering training more seriously in natural therapies. It eventually led to me launching my own natural health centre, Totally Sound Health.

Essential oils are among the first things I started embracing on the road to looking after my health more proactively and naturally, back in 2003. I’ve now reached a point where I’m regularly offering workshops on how to use essential oils, including combining essential oils with reflexology.

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