Environmental Action

Growing up in the Armadale hills surrounded by natural bush, I’ve always felt an affinity for protecting our natural environment. That was bolstered by learning about global warming at school back in 1986! I endeavour to reduce, reuse, recycle where I can, and have been active in a number of organisations to actively work on bringing about the change we need to combat climate change.

School Strike for Climate 2018

I am actively involved with:

I am also the coordinator for my Rotary Club’s participation in Containers for Change.

Reducing your footprint

It’s heartening to see so many products now available in a reusable form, and more recycling options available if you are willing to take your own initiative beyond what your local council offers. The lists below are not exhaustive – they are a fraction of what I do use currently, let alone other options available – and I will add to them as time permits. This page is a very much a work in progress.

There are a growing number of Repair Cafes to help you repair items (for free!) instead of throwing them away.

The Buy Nothing Project is fabulous for passing on items in your immediate community. [I’m one of the admins of Buy Nothing Canning Vale (East) :)] It’s always useful to offer things on your local Buy Nothing group, as even things that may be junk to us will happily be taken to upcycle or re-use for crafts.

Reduce – Item Libraries

Items where you can borrow things other than books are gaining in popularity. Regular (book) libraries are starting to expand with offering a “Library of Things” where you can borrow household items. Toy libraries are quite well established.

Reusable Products

A number of businesses sell a wide range of reusable products that you can replace disposables with. At one point I ran a shop which stocked these sorts of items, so I have tested and investigated many of these brands. I have since closed my store, and have found other, similar stores that I now purchase from.

  • Banish (NSW) – Wide range of eco friendly products
  • Flora & Fauna (NSW) – Wide range of vegan and eco friendly products
  • Onya (Perth WA) – Reusable bags, drink bottles, coffee cups and lunch wraps
  • Seed & Sprout (NSW) – Kitchen, Cleaning & Personal Care
Cloth Masks

There are a wide variety of stockists. I personally purchased mine from B Free Australia as I purchase bamboo underwear from them (and can recommend the masks as being very comfortable!).

I’ve since found out that another supplier I really like, Obsidian Star, sells cloth masks and offers a free face mask pattern to make your own.

Menstrual & Incontinence Products
  • Modibodi period & incontinence underwear and swimwear
  • Cloth pads (and in many cases menstrual cups) are available from stores including:
    • Obsidian Star (my personal favourite – as a menorrhagia sufferer her pads are the longest I’ve found and were a godsend, especially coupled with Modibodi)
    • Scarlet Eve (also popular in our household; Jo also makes breast pads, wipes and wet bags)
    • Noonee Wilga (she makes a wide variety of cloth toileting items)
    • B Free Australia (I have not personally tried these, but have found other items from B Free to be of high quality)


A few of the products and services we use at home include:

  • Banish Recycling and Disposal for a wide range of beauty product waste, prescription blister packs, coffee pods, single use plastic cutlery, bread tags, and the spray / pump component of bottles
  • Bokashi for composting kitchen and pet waste
  • E-Waste box from Storage King for recycling electronics – though Sam’s Spares nearby in Gosnells is a great, newer option for e-waste recycling
  • Express Garden Bags for monthly greenwaste collection (as our council does not use the 3 bin system)
  • Upparel for recycling clothes, shoes, and bags

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