Rotary Social Media Resources

Since joining Rotary in 2008, I have been one of the most vocal and active champions of social media.

I have:

  • given numerous talks at Rotary clubs (and they were generally VERY resistant to the topic in the early years!)
  • written a variety of articles for the Rotary Down Under magazine
  • conducted training seminars ranging from one hour to a full day around Australia and overseas, including keynotes and break out sessions at the Rotary International Institute in Bangkok (2012) and the Bangkok (2012) and Sydney (2014) Rotary International Conventions
  • been a panelist in every social media webinar put on by Rotary International (while Antoinette Tuscano was the staff member looking after social media there); sadly all of the webinar recordings by Rotary International were deleted during one of the website redevelopments!
  • founded a social networks fellowship to actively provide resources for Rotarians and Rotaractors to safely and effectively use social media (though I am no longer involved with it; I have now moved many of the resources I compiled to this website so they will not be lost!)
  • served as both a member of the International Organizing Committee and Promotions Committee for the 2014 Sydney RI Convention, specifically because of my social media expertise.

That’s a lot of training! 🙂 (And time poured into practising what I preach!) I have uploaded a number of the resources I have put together on SlideShare – a selection of those are below.

I also authored the first “SNetiquette” Guidelines for using social media in Rotary at a personal, club and district level. Your club (and district) should consider whether a social media policy is necessary. 

PowerPoint Presentations from talks and workshops

How-to articles

I have also authored a number of more in depth articles on how to use social media more effectively:

Articles published in the Rotary Down Under magazine

Other Useful Resources 

The following are not resources I have authored, but they are specific to Rotary and have been curated accordingly.

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