My (First) Teachable School

Having assisted my friend Jan McMillan launch her Thinkific School “Music Moments” in 2021, I spent a lot of time evaluating which platform to go with to launch my own (first!) online School, the Successful Music Studio. I ended up choosing Teachable.

Part of my decision was cost – for what I wanted initially, Teachable provided a cheaper tier than the comparable one I’d need on Thinkific.

The other part was Teachable’s Launch Accelerator Challenge, which was just what I needed to get the school set up and my first course under construction.

On completing that challenge, I had then signed up to a month long Sales Accelerator Challenge. However the passing of my father a few days in to the month (August 2022) saw me shelve that while I dealt with personal matters.

I’ve really enjoyed setting up both Jan’s “School” and my own, and I’m looking forward to finally launching my online courses!

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