Online Marketing

I spent over 15 years working commercially as a web developer, and for several years before that I was active in building effective online communities before social media became a thing.

I’ve been online for the entire evolution of websites and social media, embracing both as fantastic ways to organise information and enable effective communication and collaboration within communities.

I built up a reputation as the go-to person for building online communities and social media in several organisations, and consequently spent many years providing training all over the world, from short presentations to key note speeches and multi-day workshops. I have compiled many of those social media resources here.

In 2019 I ran a search engine optimisation workshop for another organisation, and will be developing a web development workshop for the same organisation for their conference in 2020.

I am currently in the process of putting together an online course covering all of these aspects, walking through many of the lesser known ways to effectively use social media to tell your story and engage with your target audience, and building a website that will rank well in search engine queries. Stay tuned!

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