Social Media Resource Library

Here are some tips and tools for making the most of social networking.

Socialbakers provides statistics about social media usage in various countries.

What can you use social networks for?

Which networks to use?



Facebook privacy is constantly changing, but here are some useful tools and advice regarding privacy.




Popular free blogging software includes WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

URL Shorteners

As the name suggests, these are useful for sharing long links which wrap over many lines by providing a much shorter version (or memorable version) to take you to the same page.

  • is a URL shortening service which enables you to bundle multiple links in one short address. This is the service used by Twitter.
  • is a URL shortening service offered by Google.
  • TinyURL was the first URL shortening service, and offers the ability to specify your own memorable URL rather than just being assigned random letters and numbers.

Other Useful Web 2.0 Tools

  • Gravatar enables you to associate an image with your email address. If you comment or join a gravatar-enabled site, your central photo will automatically be used as your avatar.
  • SlideShare enables you to upload documents, powerpoint presentations and short videos, which can be embedded in a web page rather than having to download the document to view it. A SlideShare app on Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to showcase your documents within you own profile.

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