The following are testimonials for massage / reflexology / energy healing treatment sessions with Simone Collins.

After accupuncture and 3 physio sessions and 3 weeks with no major improvement from a stiff neck, I went to visit Simone. After just 1 session Simone unlocked and released the muscles that were causing me pain and discomfort. I had significant improvement with my range of motion and almost all the tension gone. I am so amazed and greatful for her healing hands! I am looking forward to my next session. Many thanks Simone!

Nadia Celesti (from Facebook)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely massage and healing session!  I felt so much better the next day and you cured my cough!!  Thank you so much I had it for months and as you were working on it I could really feel it and sure enough it disappeared.  So cool!

I had such a lovely experience, I saw many colours particularly red, I think that may have been when you were giving me some energy.  That worked too – I am feeling much more energetic this week!!  

Emma W

Simone was amazing – the relief I felt on my stiff neck and shoulder was instant. Will most definitely be back! Thank you 🙂


Best massage in a long time. I felt kindness, skill + care. I’ll be back… very soon 🙂


Best reflexology I’ve had! I always feel so much better and body aligned after a session with Simone! 🙂


The massage I had today was my first ever and I felt the difference immediately. My back and neck were so tight and after the massage they felt so relaxed and loose, something I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you so much Simone, you work magic!!!


Been coming to Simone for some time now. She has turned my life around! From 2-3 headaches a week to almost zero now with her amazing monthly massages. Highly recommended. She is professional, polite, extremely patient and helpful on all levels.

Michelle Harrison (from Facebook)

What an amazingly relaxing and uplifting experience! Highly recommend Simone to anyone seeking any energy healing. Thank you!


Simone, you were very caring and intuitive of my body’s needs – thank you. I also love that you use creams rather than oils – beautifully moisturizing! Thank you also for your advice re my particular injury.


Amazing treatment – 1/2 hour massage and 1/2 hour reflexology. So relaxing and I felt the problem areas were very much worked on. Thank you! I will be back. 🙂


I went to one of Simone’s Reflexology workshops last weekend and had a lovely time! Good learning environment and Simone is a great teacher too, looking forward to receiving a treatment from her in the near future

Alana Fraser (from Facebook)

Thank you Simone, the best massage I’ve ever had! I feel so much better and lighter and movement feels better also. I will definitely be back for another. Thank you.


Amazing reflexology and massage. I never a thought a massage without pain would be beneficial but I was wrong. Simone knew exactly how much pressure to use to reduce my muscle pain. Thanks!

Kat Strange

It was great. Simone really knew what she was doing. My back and leg feel great. I will be back.

Tony Stephenson

Great half hour session with Simone. I already feel better! Will be back 🙂

Kate Drennan

Very good job, in a lot less pain. Will definitely be back and recommend.

Glenn Potocznyj

Thank you Simone! That was a truly different massage. Your attentions towards certain areas of my body was amazing. You took your time and I really enjoyed your gentle and firm touch and the nurturing way you helped to release my muscles. Wish I booked an hour. Will be back again!

Rae Hammond

Thanks Simone – I feel so much clearer, lighter & have more movement. I loved your healing touch!!! And your ability to find the areas in much needed work and release with massage is awesome.

Ros Latter

Best part of the week, effective without being too painful and very relaxing. Love it!

Peta Maclennan

Very relaxing and relieved all my tension. Thank you Simone.

Nikki Robins

I haven’t felt this relaxed and at peace for quite some time. Thank you Simone 🙂

Tanya Findlay

Thank you Simone. You have amazing hands. Even before you began the “energy healing”, I could feel your reiki warmth generating throughout the massage. It was better than an eight hour sleep.


I am a 61 year old female who has been having massages since I was 17 years old. I have never experienced a massage like I had with Simone. It was awesome. I was very stressed and knew I had a lot of knots in my back and shoulders. She worked on all the parts with her wonderful skilled hands and dispersed all of them.

I had the best night’s sleep in years and felt a million dollars the next day.

I would like to say “Well done Simone”. I am telling all my friends about you.

I will be a regular customer of yours.

Norma Lane

Following my recent surgery and having to go back to work, I developed tension in my back and neck. The massages by Simone have helped considerably. I have no hesitation in recommending Simone’s services.

Liz Barany

Really relaxing massage and I really enjoyed the reflexology. I feel like I am walking on a cloud.

Natasha Krstic

Wonderful. I was so relaxed I fell asleep. Amazing treatment. Thank you.

Janine McKenna

Just had a wonderful relaxing reflexology session. Set me up for the weekend Thanks Simone

Michele Alexander

For forty five years I have suffered from constant back pain due to muscle spasm following an accident in which I was literally scraped off the side of a car while talking to the driver.

I have received great benefit from both massage and reflexology applied by Simone Collins who has treated me on many occasions.

She is very professional in her approach and is able very quickly to determine the trouble spots and with deft fingers unravels the knots in the muscles.

I highly recommend her in both areas.

Dr Ken Collins

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